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What type of photographs are OK to submit?

Photographs must be relevant to the competition theme and original work of art of the photographer.  Photographs can be portraits and photos of groups or individuals; landscapes, sites, people or activities that convey a sense of place; events, objects or activities connecting people to their history or their cultural heritage, regardless of their place of residence.

Can I enter if I live outside the United States or Serbia?

Yes, you can enter the competition from anywhere in the world.

When will the winners be announced?
The 1st, 2nd and 3rd Cash Prize winners and People’s Choice winners will be announced on our website on February 26, 2022.

When will the finalists be announced?
Finalists will be announced on our website on  February 26, 2022.

What are the People’s Choice winners?
Visitors will vote and select three winners from the finalists by an online vote at www.artexchangeinc.org/photo-competition. The People’s Choice winners will be announced on February 26, 2022 along with the Cash Prize winners.

What are the cash prizes?

1st Cash Prize winner: $1,000.
2nd Cash Prize winner: $500
3rd Cash Prize winner: $300


Who will select the winners?

Art Exchange has appointed a professional jury who will select cash prize winners and finalists whose photographs will be featured in our electronic catalogue and published in our annual competition photo book. Online visitors will select the People’s Choice winners from the finalists by an online vote at www.artexchangeinc.org/photo-competition.

Will I be notified if I was NOT chosen as a finalist or winner?
No. Due to the large number of submissions, only the winners and finalists will be notified of their status by February 26, 2022. 

How many photos can I enter into the contest?
You may enter up to 6 photographs into the contest per entry.

Can I submit a photograph on someone else’s behalf?
No. You may only submit a photograph if you are the sole creator and copyright owner.

How do I submit my photograph?
You can only submit your photograph online at www.artexchangeinc.org/photo-competition.

Do you accept non-digital photographs?
Yes. We accept high-quality scanned images of non-digital photographs.

I took a photo five years ago. Can I enter it?
Yes, you can enter it as long as the photo has not previously been exhibited or awarded.

Do I need release forms for people in my photo?
If they are recognizable, and especially if they are children, you must be prepared to obtain a release form and provide it to Art Exchange upon request. We can provide a sample release form if needed.

Similarly, entrants whose photos depict other people’s work, such as sculptures, statues, paintings, and other copyrightable works, must be prepared to obtain a release from the rights holder and provide it to Art Exchange upon request. When photographing the work of others, it must be as an object in its environment and not a full-frame close-up of another person's creation. We can provide a sample release form if needed.

Can photographs be manipulated or enhanced?
Minor adjustments, including the removal of sensor dust or scratches on scans of negatives, dodging and burning, sharpening, contrast, toning, slight color adjustment and conversion to grayscale are acceptable.

Do you accept black-and-white photographs?
Yes. Also, color photographs converted to grayscale are acceptable, however, please make sure that any additional adjustments you make to the image abide by the rules concerning enhancing or altering photographs.

What size should my digital image be for uploading with the online entry form?
In order to be displayed in our online gallery photographs must be submitted in .jpeg, .jpg or .gif format, edited for web in sRGB color space, at least 1,500 pixels wide and no larger than 10 MB. 


Please retain a high-resolution version of your photograph(s) in your personal files. You will need to have a higher-resolution image on hand, a minimum of 300 dpi and 3,000 pixels on the longest side, to be considered in the final rounds of the contest. Mobile photographs are exempt from this size requirement, but must be submitted at their highest resolution.

Will you accept photos with watermarks?
No, we do not accept photos with watermarks or descriptive text, but we will always display a credit alongside your photo.

Is it OK to enter a photograph that has been on my website?
Yes, your photograph is eligible for submission.

What rights to my photograph do I retain?

You retain your rights to your photograph; however, by entering the contest, you grant Art Exchange and those authorized by Art Exchange a royalty-free, world-wide, perpetual, non-exclusive license to publicly display, distribute, reproduce and create derivative works of the entries, in whole or in part, in any media now existing or later developed, for any purpose, including, but not limited to, advertising and promotion of the contest and its website, exhibition, and commercial products, including but not limited to Art Exchange publications. Any photograph reproduced will include a photographer credit as feasible. Art Exchange will not be required to pay any additional consideration or seek any additional approval in connection with such uses.

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