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Art Exchange Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, dedicated to presenting highest quality art with the goal to enrich and expand audiences in the United States through photography, live performances, film, literary events, and educational programming.




We believe in the power of the arts and culture and their unique ability to lift the human spirit. Arts do not only transform artists through creative processes of contributing their vision or craft. Arts transform our understanding of other cultures, religions, and races; they transform dialogues about diversities and help us celebrate our differences.  Arts and culture have an impact on our lives in subtle and complex ways - while they illuminate and enrich our inner lives and emotional worlds, arts are also a dynamic force for fostering social wellbeing and cohesion, educational system and growing the economy. We support the notion that arts and culture should be thought of as a strategic national resource.  


In selecting the most appropriate works to present, we consider unique artwork of both emerging and acclaimed artists in artistic disciplines and traditions from multitude of cultures while demonstrating our respect for universal human values and for the country or origin of artistic creation. We work closely with artists, communities, and organizations in the United States and abroad in implementing our programs. In this way, we select the most appropriate works to present in furthering our mission.


We welcome new programmatic ideas for live and virtual collaborations and invite you to visit our contact page and send us your proposals!

Friends of Art Exchange

In 2022, we initiated "Friends of Art Exchange", a group of philanthropic supporters who ensure the excellence of our programs while experiencing the events as insiders.  If you are interested in becoming a Friend of Art Exchange, please contact us at info@artexcahgneinc.org or at +1.202.415.1289.  We look forward to hearing from you!



Svetlana Rogić

Our Founder / President



Mrs. Svetlana Rogic is a pianist, photographer and the founder of Art Exchange, Inc. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Arts Management from American University in Washington, DC. Svetlana has over ten years of experience working with nonprofit organizations, public-private partnerships and international organizations. Early in her career, Svetlana managed programs between the City of Chicago and its seven partner cities in Europe in the sphere of arts, culture, education, economic cooperation and international development. In her position with the World Bank Institute in Washington, DC Svetlana worked on projects focused on city-to-city cooperation. Later on, while living in New York City, Svetlana studied photography at the International Center for Photography with some of the world's most renowned contemporary photographers. Svetlana is married, she is a mother of a teenage son and lives in Bethesda, Maryland. 

"It is that from the past which affects the present but also conditions the future.” – Ivo Andrić


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