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Congratulations to our consultant Professor Miloš Ković, PhD on his latest book!

Anyone who knows Professor Miloš Ković or any of his students at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Philosophy know that he is one of the most beloved professors that the University of Belgrade ever had. We at Art Exchange extend our heartfelt congratulations to Professor Miloš Ković, our consultant on the project “Heritage of Stone and Heaven – World cultural heritage in Serbia”, on his latest book “Great Powers and Serbs 1496 - 1833”!

Professor Miloš Ković, PhD
photo: youtube screenshot

Professor Ković’s book is available through the book publisher Catena Mundi and can be ordered through their online bookstore. The book deals with important historical themes which are critical for anyone who wishes to understand Serbia today, including: the relations between the great powers and the Serbs after the collapse of the Serbian medieval states; the emergence of the Serbian Orthodox Church as the main diplomatic representative of the Serbian nation in the absence of state institutions; the proponents and the opponents of a free Serbian state to arise from the darkness of foreign occupation of Serbian lands; the high price the Serbian people paid in navigating in the realm of geopolitics and whether the same mistakes can be avoided today and the principal guiding idea of Serbian history throughout the modern age. This book will surely be a classic of Serbian history!

Professor Miloš Ković, PhD


Professor Ković is one of Serbia’s leading historians and of international renown. He teaches the History of Social and Scientific Ideas and Science and Culture in Serbia in the 19th and 20th Centuries at the University of Belgrade department of Multidisciplinary Doctoral Studies, General History of the New Century at the University of East Sarajevo and the History of Serbian Diplomacy at the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia.

He is the author of numerous books and publications: “Disraeli and the Eastern Question”, published by Oxford University Press, “Srbi 1903-1914 – istorija ideja” (Serbs 1903-1914 – history of ideas), “Srbi u Prvom svetskom ratu: enciklopedija u slikama” (Serbs in World War I: encyclopedia in pictures), “Zaveti” (The Covenants), “Uporišta” (Strongholds), to name just a few. He is a member of the Management Board, the Board of the Department of Social Sciences and Editorial Board of Matica Srpska, the oldest Serbian language cultural-scientific institution (founded in 1826) as well as an active member of the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences (SANU). Professor Ković collaborates as a historian and expert in leading national and regional institutions, newspapers and media houses. He is a columnist for the daily newspaper “Politika”.

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